My Enemy

He set out to take my life
And the power of my soul
His spells against my might
My wrath he did ignite

Your brain replaced by mine
Your mind changed into mine
You lose sight of yourself
Your world no longer yours

The lightning of my eyes crumbles you
My fingers as snakes drag you to mire
The trembling earth now melts under you
Your legs turn to sludge from my ire

I feel your feelings now
I know now what you knew
I see how you have lied
Plunge you into your grave

Under the ground I force you
To Underworld I curse you
To arms of death deliver
And damn inside a rock

Remorse is useless there
And mercy never shown
Bribery’s futile there
No promises hold

No one feels your pain
No one there will listen
No one takes your hand
No one helps you now

But I will show him mercy
Let him return to life
I will show him mercy
I will let him go back