Vulgar Necrolatry

Erosion of life I seeit makes the passion burn in meLife it always withers awayDeath will eternally stayCorpses in their coffinsforever rest in peace?There sleeping with the aspergillusis this justice to the dead?The atrocious sight of burial ecremonyChristians weeping for the departedThey won't understand, they should envy them!The deceased they know, if there's a paradiseOr shall we feel, the purgatory!I open the graves, admire the rotI can feel the presence, of something beyondAureola of nauseating reekWings of shriveled skinHoly beauty of a carcassDivine sight for me to gaze upon!Necrolatic! Reverence for putrefactionNecrolatic! reverence for the stenchI kneel, before a carrionI pray, before the deadI know, they shall riseI fear, for the scourgeI revere, power of the dead